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Pamela artfully portrays the architectural character of a home, and captures the essence of one’s vision for a home portrait. She illustrates the beauty of the surrounding natural setting, or creates a landscape design to enhance the portrait. Pamela has depicted the images of a family pet or habitat animals, from chipmunks to harbor seals that capture memories of one’s home life. A home’s unique front entrance is an appealing option for a keepsake portrait and can be personalized.

Landscape Art

Pamela renders landscapes that portray a meaningful representation of a nature setting for a remembrance portrait. Compositions can be as a countryside, seashore, or garden scenes. A landscape portrait is a special way to visually preserve a historical setting.

Pen & Ink Renderings ~ simple detail to full detail
Colored Pencil Renderings ~ color enhancement to full color

Pamela works with good quality, clear color photographs for creating her Art Originals.
Each art by commission is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

To inquire: Call 207-361-4629 or E-Mail info@sawinarts.com

P.O. Box 353 • York, ME 03909 • Tel. 207-361-4629

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