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People and Pet Portraits
Fine Art Impressions

Young GirlPeople Portraits
Pamela creates an artistic visual expression as she illustrates a likeness in realistic detail, honoring the celebration of a person’s dignity and spirit. Her renderings are in the colored pencil art discipline that displays either a softness of colors or luminous vibrant colors that will capture an impression of the personality and choice of setting. Compositions can be as head and shoulder in a vignette style or half to full figure with an illustrated background setting.

Pet Portraits

Pamela captures a pet’s personality and spirit through the expression of a pet’s eyes. Her renderings are in the colored pencil discipline where she artfully portrays the pet’s image. The composition can be a pet’s face or full figure, illustrated in a vignette style or in a realistic setting. A pet portrait can endearingly touch one’s heart and be a cherished gift for the remembrance of a pet’s life. A person with a beloved pet can be artfully accomplished for a special keepsake portrait.

Pams CatPamela works with good quality, clear color photographs for creating her Art Originals.

Each art by commission is a custom work of art.

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